Harlequin Players Association (HPA)


For those who have previously or are currently playing with Harlequin Amateurs Senior Men's, Women's or veterans teams, you are eligible to join Harlequin Players Association (HPA).

This is an organisation run by ex players for ex players from professional and amateur days, with the aim of arranging events to enable current and former players to meet up and yarn about the old days and old Laws.

Angela Simpson is the Hon Secretary of HPA and will send you the membership forms. It is £10 per annum for all members.

The benefits are:

Belonging to a group that may enable you to meet up with your fellow ex players or meeting some older and wiser ex players from days gone by.

Regular email newsletter about events and news.

Trustees suite in the DHL stand at the Stoop has been made available for Founder and HPA members. Tickets can be purchased from the Quins Customer Service for tickets outside the Box. Your HPA card does not give you access into the Stoop, you will need a match ticket.

Forthcoming events are as follows:

RAC Lunch - in November

CONTACT Angela Simpson - Secretary HPA


Tel 07779 571490